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How the judging works

The first 2 rounds of judging are done by peer review to give us our Longlist and then our Shortlist. Each blog will be reviewed and marked by a minimum of two judges. The scores of each judge will be combined to get an average mark for each blog. 

The 3rd round is when the public vote begins. The Public Vote is worth 20% of the overall mark, Judging will account for the other 80%. These results will give us our finalist list.

The judging of the winners will be done by a panel of industry experts. 

Judging Criteria for Shortlist

  • Is the blog regularly updated (at least once a month on average)?
  • Does the design support or interfere with the reading experience?
  • Is the blogger passionate and knowledgeable about the subject?
  • How easy is the blog to navigate?
  • Is the blog responsive for PC, mobile and tablet browsing?
  • Positives and Negatives comments box

Public Voting

  • The shortlisted blogs will be opened up to a Public Vote so the more you promote your entry the better.
  • The Public Vote is worth 20% of the overall mark, Judging will account for the other 80%. To help you out we will send you 'Vote Now' buttons which you can use on your blog and social media.

Judging Criteria for Finalist Stage

  • Is it written in an engaging, entertaining or informative style?
  • How well does the blog reflect the category?
  • How unique is the content and does it reflect the bloggers personalisty/interest in this category?
  • Does the design compliment the writing and make it easy to read?
  • Quality of photos/images used?
  • Spelling and grammar – will it make our judges weep or smile?
  • Level of engagement of the blogger? (replying to comments etc)
  • Does the blogger post consistently and regularly?
  • The Finalist list will be judged by an independent judging panel.

The judge's decision is final. Where possible we will give feedback to individual bloggers from the judging panel.

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